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libtsdb is a C-language utility library defining structures to hold the data and metadata in a TSDB profile, and procedures to read and to some extent write them.

art: the arbiter-TSDB bridge

art is a simple program using libtsdb that can submit a parsing or generation job to ace and record the results in a TSDB profile. For more details on art, see the art page.

Known Issues

In order to compile libtsdb from source, you will need to have ACE installed (in particular, the, libace.a, and libace.h library files). This is a bit silly, since the only thing libtsdb uses from libace is the hash table datatype.

Furthermore, to compile the utility programs bundled with libtsdb, you will need several other libraries, including REPP (see the ACE page) and liba, the Answer utility library (which is not publicly released as of this writing...).

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